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A Beautiful Life Brands is an USA niche cosmetics brand founded in 2002. "Jennifer and Tony Artur are the husband and wife team behind A Beautiful Life Brands. With A Beautiful Life Brands, Jennifer and Tony take the expertise they gained from years in the beauty biz and filter it through their own unique, rock & roll sensibility. The result is a collection of super cute, totally cool, cutting-edge beauty products with an emphasis on safe, natural, and effective formulations. A Beautiful Life Brands fragrances are small batch-crafted using the finest fragrant and essential oils - custom formulated and poured by hand. Each scent tells it's own story with a unique accord of fantastical fragrance notes. A Beautiful Life Fragrances are designed to capture a season, a moment, a state of mind, a memory." - a note from the brand. Designer A Beautiful Life Brands has 12 perfumes in our fragrance encyclopedia. Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies. more...

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